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Short Description:

1. Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized sheet Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire / ElectroGalvanized sheet Hot Dipped Galvanized          Wire
2. Core Wire Diameter: 2.7±0.1mm / 2.5±0.1mm
Razor Barbed sheet thickness: 0.45±0.05mm
3. Razor Loop Diameter: 600mm
Other Coil diameter for u choose: 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm.
450mm(3 clips), 500mm(3 clips), 600mm(3 clips)900mm(5 clips) are the usually sizes
4. Razor Barbed Wire per coil weight: Be produced as customers requirements. (common weight is 7KG 10KG, 12kg, 14kg)

Product Detail

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BTO22 Razor Blade Specifation
Razor Thickness 0.45±0.05mm
Barb Length 22±1mm
Barb Width 15±1mm
Barb Space 34±1mm
Core Wire Dia. 2.5±0.1mm

Razor Barbed Wire is a tensile products. The greater the stretch strength, the greater the distance between them, and the length will be more longer. For example:

1. 600mmx10kg/roll

Cover length is 30cm between each loop, then 10kg can get 8-10m

Cover length is 15cm between each loop, then 10kg can get 4-6m


BTO-22 Galvanized Razor Wire Coils With Loops Dia 600 mm Used On Ships For Anti-piracy

Prepare raw material galvanized sheet and wire, galvanized sheet punch to razor blade by machine, then core wire into razor plate, and workers use clips to connect each razor loops, finish clips pull open the concertina razor wire to test the quality, those good razor wire will be packaged with waterproof paper and woven bag outside each roll. Usually 50rolls or 100rolls be a big bundle by metal strip and the last is send to warehouse wait for loading to containers.


Direction for use

Concertina Razor Wire usually attached on "Y" or "V" support and should be mounted razor wire with wire diameter Ф=4mm/3mm/2.8mm in circles with razor wire coil diameters Ф=600mm, with distance between circles 150mm-400mm.



1. Each roll with inner waterproof paper and woven bag outside, then 50rolls or 100roll be a bundle by metal strip.

2. Be bundled razor wire put on pallet.

3. Bulk razor wire put into cartons.

4. Packaged razor wire barrier into wooden case.

5. Bulk waterproof paper inner with woven bag outside razor rolls loaded in 40'HQ/27tons


Although concertina wire and razor wire are very common today, some are confused. FAQs are designed to help you know concertina wire better.

What types of concertina wire do you supply?
* According to materials, galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel wires are provided. All of them can resist rust and keep
sharp blades which threaten anyone who want to break into.
* According to diameter of coil, concertina wire and razor wire are provided. In fact, both of them share similar appearance and
applications. However, concertina wire is often supplied in coils and has larger diameter. Single or double coil concertina
wire and spiral concertina wire are include.
* In addition, mobile security barrier is also provided. It can be installed within 5 minutes and is ideal for emergency

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